Tutorial and How To Videos - Proactive Customer Support

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More new Videos will be posted soon to introduce the new version - Proactive Customer Support 2020.

5 - Classification - Request Category and Type Lists - No Narration or Music.  This is important to watch, especially if you have multiple staff members.  The person (or Group email address) assigned to handle a Type of Request will receive an email when new requests are submitted, and as the requests are updated.  Also, Staff must have a Membership Profile, with Email address but they would not necessary also have a Customer account.  

5/23/2020 - New videos added - still working on the help file for the new release.

7 - Membership - Narrated.  Even if you don't plan on adding user accounts to enable customers to login, you need to see how the membership manager works, at least for adding new members to the database for your staff members.

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