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After evaluating the program if you feel the program meets your needs, click HERE to go to the order page at bmtmicro.com  A site license (perpetual - one time only) is $200.

The Proactive Customer Support 2020 web application is a .NET ASPX application and so requires Microsoft IIS.  The database for this version is provided only for Microsoft SQL Server - not also in Microsoft Access format as older versions.  Download the web pages and the initial database here.  You will have 30 days after you setup the web pages on your own web server to evaluate the application.  After placing your order you will be sent a license file to place in the \bin folder and this will remove the trial limitation.

If your company wants a fully "turnkey" solution, with the web pages and database hosted for you then email me for pricing.  

If you like the web application, but want some customization, email me and let me know what kind of changes you have in mind.  Many customers have been surprised at the reasonable cost for their "own" version.

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