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On Line Help File is now at:

The web pages and startup database are in the .zip file at

You can try the program from a customer perspective using the username of  "Sample Customer" and password of "sample$" at  check out sample FAQs and enter a Sample Request or two.  If you have questions don't hesitate to send me an email.

Proactive Customer Support 2020 is the latest version of a generic web based application to allow for easy recording and updating requests for support.  Many organizations will record requests for their customers while others may want to allow their customers to enter their own support requests and be able to view updates to their requests using their favorite device to browse the company support site.  Proactive Customer Support 2020 allows for both of these business cases and also email notifications as requests are submitted and updated.

There are 2 roles in the application:  Administrators and Customers (users).  While the Customer interface is simple to learn and use, it still provides some nice features. The Administrator interface is comprehensive.  The browser based interface is responsive, which means the page will adapt based on the size and orientation of the device used to browse.

An alternate view of All Requests shows multiple charts to show information about your customer requests at a glance.

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