Proactive Customer Support © is an inexpensive, easy to learn and use, but powerful tool for managing requests for support from customers.  The browser based interface is responsive, meaning the pages adjust to the device used to view the pages.  Proactive Customer Support © is also "touch friendly".  The 2020 release is much different than earlier versions and I feel improved in many ways.

This program is for "generic" customer support as opposed to other programs I have developed which are geared more toward specific uses such as IT (Information Technology) help desks or one particular program custom designed for a police department.  If you evaluate Proactive Customer Support © but find it does not meet your specific needs then send me an email to discuss a customized version.  Most of the customers I have designed custom software for have been pleasantly surprised at the reasonable cost for a version designed to their specifications.  Many have been less than $500 when only a few hours were required.  I have designed or modified other programs for organizations that cost over $1,000 but again they were happy with the results.  If after checking out this program you want a customized version, don't hesitate to email me for a quote or ask about a hosted version if you want a "turnkey" solution.