In my case, local computer, I unzipped the web pages to C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\support - like below.

Remember, after unzipping, you will need to edit the web.config file.  There are quite few areas to edit.

Using IIS Admin you will want to set up the folder for the Application under the Default Web Site.  Also,another tech note:  In these screen shots I have selected http:  - this is one of my home computers.  On my web sites like I use SSL so using the https protocol there.  In your situation you may or many not want to set up https - also, partly because of hosting limitation the database on my demo site is not encrypted - I do recommend TDE.  The passwords in ASP .NET Membership are encrypted.  However, you may want to go further depending on your situation.  Also, database is using the default .DBO schema - which may not be the best practice.  However, some hosting providers may restrict you to .dbo schema and also may not allow you to create your own userid for the database.  

Your path the web pages will not be the same.  NOTE:  If using a web hosting provider like my favorite,, you may not need to use IIS Manager at all - though you could.  Instead using the control panel applet on Winhost sites you can use Set Application Starting Point and then browse to the folder where you have uploaded the extracted files and folders.

While I expect most customers install the web pages will use either a hosted web server or a server on their own local area network, in order to at least evaluate Proactive Customer Support 2020 it might help some to know that Microsoft IIS can be installed on just about computer able to run Microsoft Windows 10 Professional Edition and Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition.  While Windows Professional may not have IIS installed by default this can be easily added by going to Turn Windows Features On or Off.

I am using a Microsoft Surface Laptop (which I updated to Windows Pro) and running Microsoft IIS and Microsoft SQL Server Express - so it can be done.

A final note on the web pages.  Proactive Customer Support 2020 web pages are provided in Trial Mode so you ca evaluate the program for up to 14 days.  If you decide to purchase a license to continue using the program you will be a license file you can save to the root directory of the application folder to remove the trial limitation.  After 14 days the web page will cease working if you do not have the license file.  I think the cost is pretty reasonable and hope you agree.