This page provides values for entering the Request Type for a Support Request.  Request Types are grouped under Request Categories and also associates a staff person name and email address with a Type of Request.  This is important because the program uses this information when a request is added or updated to send an email to a staff person in addition to the Customer.

The next screen shot shows a New Request Type being added.  The Category is looked up so you can type Show Options to get a list of available categories in a drop down I have done below.

The Type Name must be unique.  In this example I am adding Discount or Promotion - which is under the Sales Category.  Next select the person or group assigned to this Type of Request.  These values (Assigned To and Assigned Email) are looked up from the users in the Membership Management system.  You can choose to Show Options for a drop down list like in the Category look up or, the Arrow to See All which will show a list of your choices.

The next screen shows the choices.  If you are a small operation and you are the only person responding to support requests then you would choose your name and email address for all the Request Types.

The next screen shows the new Request Type ready to save by clicking OK.