Proactive Customer Support 2020 © can be effectively used with any modern browser and because the pages are "responsive" the application can be used on full size screens on desktop computers, laptops, tablets or even smart phones.  There are really are no specific system requirements for client systems.  However, if you are not using a hosted version you will need certain prerequisites to serve the web pages to your staff, and customers if you allow customers to login and create their own requests and track status of the requests.

1.  Proactive Customer Support 2020 © is designed to be used with a Microsoft SQL Server database so you would need a computer acting as the database server.  NOTE:  This can be Microsoft SQL Server Express for those not already using MSSQL.  A database backup file is provided that you can restored to the database server and get started quickly. The backup is in MSSQL 2017 format.

2.  The web pages are Microsoft .NET ASPX pages written in C#, with some other .HTML and javascript files and so on.  The point is you will need a web server running Microsoft IIS to serve the web pages.  It is best for this to be a separate server that the database server but smaller organizations may run both on the same computer.

3.  An Email account is another requirement.  This version of Proactive Customer Support 2020 ©uses an email account for password resets, part of the ASP.NET Membership system, and the same email account is used for sending emails to customers and support staff for both new and updated requests.

The installation section of this help file includes more specific information and How To details.