Some organizations may find it useful to record costs associated with requests.  So I have provided a table to record costs of requests.  These costs, if recorded, are only viewable by Administrators, not customers.  In the screen shot below I have a request cost entered in the grid underneath a sample request.

I can click the New Request Costs Link to add another Cost Item as shown below.

The Cost Type is looked up from the Cost Types lookup table.  The description of the cost may be a part number or description or any other short description.  The Unit Cost is the cost for each unit and the Quantity is the number of units.

When I save this record you can see I now have two items in the Request Costs grid at the bottom of the Request record.

You can also enter costs associated with a Request from a dedicated grid page shown below.

To record new costs from this grid, click the + sign in the lower right and you will see a page like below.  You can use multiple options to select the request for which you want to record a cost.  Click the arrow pointing to the right to select requests from a request grid, or start typing the Title of the request until you find a match, or select the show options to get a drop down list to choose from.


Next select the Cost Type the same way.

Then just enter the Description, Unit Cost and Quantity.  Click OK to save the record.  In the next screen I have filtered the grid to show only requests costs for a single request.  I then chose the Report option to export to a spreadsheet, added a column for totals and formulas to do the math.  Really pretty quick to do that.  Anyway, I don't know how many will appreciate the ability to record requests costs, but it is there for any that want to use it.