Once a user (customer) is logged in to Proactive Customer Support 2020 they will have access to both Frequently Asked Questions and My Requests.  If you or your staff have previously entered requests before the Customer had a User account created in the Membership Manager the grid will not be empty.  If no requests were added on behalf of the Customer when he or she first logs in the grid will be empty.

In the screen below I am logged in as "Anne Example".  The theme is Blue rather than Green because these setting are saved per user.  Also not that the Customer Name is not displayed in the grid.  However, it is filtered based on the logged in User Name = Customer so there is no need for that column.  You can see that the grid is very similar to the other grids like the All Requests grid and My Assigned Requests grid.  Filtering, sorting and reports are all the same.  The difference is in the form used to Add or View/Edit Requests.

The next screen shows a customer editing a previously added request.  It is not apparent but the only fields the Customer cannot change are the Resolution and Completed On fields.