The Membership Management pages are used for creating and managing the user account information used to login to the Proactive Customer Support 2020.  There are two Users provided when you restore the sample database - ProactiveDB to your database server. There are 2 roles which you can assign to users.  Administrators is for you and/or your staff and has access to all parts of the program.  The other Role - Users - is for use of customers if you allow them to login and submit and track their own requests.  In addition to their own requests, users will be able to access FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) in Read Only mode.  The default "admin" user has the password of "admin123%"  and the "user" account has the password of "user123%".  You will want to edit these user records to change the default email address to an actual email address. Once you have created your own Administrator account you may want to delete the admin account.

When editing a membership record, even as an administrator, some fields can't be changed.  

For example the User Name cannot be changed once created.  Although you can change the email address you can't change the password reset question or see the password.

So how will the person change their password?  Once a user is logged in a Circle in the upper right of the page with Initials has several menu options including "My Account".  When a use clicks that button they will see a screen like the one below.  The user can enter their current password, then in the next section enter their new password twice. They can, and probably should, update their security question and answer.

If you have setup your customers with a user name and want to allow them to login there are a couple of options I can suggest to get them setup.

1.  Create a Security Question and Answer and tell them what you have done.  Example:  What color is the sky?  Answer:  Blue.  Tell them their User Name. Then tell them when they click the link to your installation of Proactive Customer Support 2020 ask them to click on the Lost Password button.  This will prompt them for their user name,

When they click the Next button they will be prompted for the Answer to their security question. When they click Next they will then receive a generated password which they can use to login.  This will probably be more secure than the password they would create.  

The other option is to provide the customer with their Username and a password you create when setting up their account.  Then ask them to change the password once they get logged in. The email screen shot below shows the generated password.