When you have PCS 2020 set up on your web server the URL will be similar to this:  https://proactivecustomersupport.com/demo/ but instead of proactivecustomersupport.com your domain name will be there followed by the application folder which would probably not be "demo" but more likely /support or /helpdesk or whatever you choose when setting up the web pages on your web server.  When accessing the program for the server itself the URL would be something like:  http://localhost/support/Pages/Home.aspx

You will see a screen like the one below which displays a brief instruction.  The login button will take you to the login screen


In the database that is provided during installation I have included an "Admin" account - the initial password should be change as soon as possible once you have logged in to your installed web pages.  The default password is "admin123%" - You will next want to be be sure to change the email address in case you have problems remembering your password.

When you login as admin - or anyone with the Administrators role - you will see a screen like below.

Before you start editing the Lookup Lists, adding FAQs or adding Customers I suggest you click the Membership link to 1edit the Administrator account and 2 add User Accounts for any other staff members, or customers that you will be setting up to login and access the application.

1. The Membership Manager page is used to view and update users able to login to the application as either Administrators or Users role.

With the admin user selected click on the User Name to View the Details and then click the Edit button

All the pages activated from a grid will launch in this Review mode.  The Edit button at the bottom right next to Delete and Close buttons will open the record in Edit mode as below.  I have maximized that page in the screen shot below.

On this screen you will just want to edit the email address to put in your actual email address which is used for Password Recovery (reset) and emailing requests as they are created and updated.

To edit other information about the Admin account which you should be logged in to initially click on the A at the top of the screen - next to the ... Menu and you will see the screen below when you click My Account.

    The logout button is used when you want to step away from your device or finish working in the application.  The Add Account option may not be used by many but the purpose is for scenarios where multiple staff members share the same computer, perhaps different shifts.  Each user can have their account appear and read to login rather than typing their username in each time they login.  Back to editing the user record for Admin see the next screen shot.

In the first section you will need to enter your initial password, to change the password you will need to use section two and enter the same password in both places.  In the third section you can edit the email address and also edit the Password Question and Answer.