This is the page you will probably use most often.  This page can be accessed by you and your staff with the Role of Administrator but cannot be used by customers.  Some if not most of the features I will describe on this page are on other pages as well.  First there is the Hamburger Menu at the upper left that is 3 horizontal lines.  This button will show or hide the full menu bar on the left. At the upper right are a Magnifying Glass icon used to search for specific requests.  This is follow by a button with Initials for the Signed In user which allows which activates a menu to let the user logout or access their member profile.  Finally at the very far right top is the ... Menu.  The three dots menu provides access to several features.

This next screen shot shows the grid with the menu on the Left expanded.

The expanded menu includes a calendar which can be used to filter the grid to a week or specific date based on the Date Requested, Date Needed, or Date Completed.  Underneath that you can see a vertical view of the selected record  Finally at the bottom of the bar are icons to let you access Requests, Customer, FAQs, all Tables and Settings.

The All Tables menu shows the main tables and the More link will show the lookup tables.