Only a small amount of sample data is provided when you first install Proactive Customer Support 2018.  A good place to start is by customizing some of the lookup table data that is provided.  You may next want to begin importing or entering some of your customer data - although it is possible and easy to add customer information on the fly as you add support request.  Until you have entered a good bit of sample data - customers, requests and so on - the reports and dashboards may not be that informative.  

Default roles have been created with different security permissions.  A default Administrator account is provided with the user name of Admin and an empty (blank) password.  You can use this account to setup other accounts for customers and staff.  The default permissions should work for most organizations.  The customer role has the lowest privileges or permissions.  Users with the Customer Role (user name in Customer Table and Users Table must be the same) can only see their own requests.  Users that have the Staff role can do almost as many things as the Admin account such as see, and edit all customers and all requests.  One other role is called the default role.  If you want customers to be able to change their password at any time, assign them the Default role in addition to the Customer Role.  When creating new user accounts the default password is blank - empty - nothing.  You can check a box to force them to change their password when they login.  Aft they login with the initial empty password they will be able to enter a new non blank password.  If you link the user to the Default role, they will be able to change their password at any time.