Proactive Customer Support 2018 is an affordable help desk program that can be used in a variety of customer support situations.  The program is available in a Microsoft Windows ® Desktop application which can be used by multiple staff members, and customers on your Local Area Network (LAN), at no additional per user charges and a browse based application that can also be accessed by multiple staff members and customers on your LAN or over the Internet.  Most users of past versions of Proactive Customer Support are using the program on a Local Area Network so the default Microsoft Access database can be used by one or more staff members using the Desktop applications.  Some will also use the Web interface to allow internal customers on the same LAN an easy way to add support requests and view the status of their requests.  Those of you who may want customers outside your organizations to request support while you and your staff could also use the browser interface to view and update requests with the web application and the database in .mdb format on a hosted web server.  In this setup, however, you would not be able to connect the desktop application to the remote database.  So for those customers that either already use Microsoft SQL Server, or have Microsoft SQL Server provided by an Internet Service Provider, I provide a MSSQL database in a backup file that can be restored to your own MSSQL Server.  Once restored you just modify the web.config file for the web interface and the ProactiveCustomerSupport2018.Win.exe.config file for the desktop interface. The MSSQL database, just like the Access database contain a variety of information essential to Proactive Customer Support 2018.  This includes pre-designed reports and dashboards, users, roles and permissions and more.  

Proactive Customer Support 2018 is easy to learn and use, but still includes many powerful features and functions such as Report and Dashboard Designers.  Built In audit logging and powerful user/role permissions give you the ability to control what information can be viewed or edited and allow the administrator to keep track of who changed what information.  NOTE:  While I do include an Import option in the Microsoft Windows desktop application, this can be somewhat time consuming since the audit file records each imported record.  

The desktop application can be easily customized, not just the grids by moving and hiding columns, the data entry screens can also be changed by right clicking on a blank area of the screen and using the layout editor.

Customization of grids is also easily accomplished and for those more advanced users other customization is possible.

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