Filtering and Searching - Proactive Customer Support

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Proactive Customer Support 2020 provides a variety of way to Search and Filter your data.  This page will demonstrate some of those filter and search features.

With the exception of the Details of the request and the Resolution to the request, click on a column header to create a filter on that column.  This page shows some information about filtering requests.  You can watch a video (warning, narrated) at this link.

f you use the Equals operator you can use the Equals option to select a single value.  Using the Select option you can choose other otions.

Notice when you have filtered on more than one column you will see an indicator showing the filter is in place for the columns with an image of a Triangle pointing down.

Clicking the Magnifying Glass icon you can easily do a Search to filter.

You can change the Search to use Advanced Search filtering.

Using the Includes option you can filter on multiple fields.  Once you have a filter in place, you can Clear or Modify the filter.

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