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May 15, 2018 - Newest version of Proactive Customer Support is now available for Download and after you have installed and evaluated the program you can now purchase a site license for just $200 - unlimited staff/users.  No recurring costs - or hidden fees.

Proactive Customer Support 2018 is the latest version of a program I originally developed as a more generic alternative to my AccessAble Help Desk program.  Although the program can be used to support Information Technology customers, PCS 2018 is really intended for more generic customer support.  One early user of Proactive Customer Support used the program to manage requests for property management services.  The program is intended for small to medium sized organizations but can be used by larger organizations as well.  The default installation includes a Microsoft Access database for the backend, however, you may choose to use Microsoft SQL Server database on the backend.  NOTE:  I do recommend Microsoft products but I don't sell them.

NOTE:  Online help file is available at

Most organizations will use the Microsoft Windows based, desktop interface for either a single user managing customers and their support requests, or a small staff each of whom has the program installed locally, but connected to a shared database. There are no "per user" charges based on either the number of customers supported or the number of staff with the program installed.

However, the web interface, using Microsoft IIS to server the web pages, may be desirable for many orgaizations as this will allow internal customers (on a Local Area Network - Intranet) to submit and view support requests, or external customers accessing the program using your organizations web server on the Internet.  Either way, the program is offered only with a Perpetual* site license.  This simply means when you purchase a license to continue using Proactive Customer Support 2018 beyond the 30 day tral period you do not continue to pay a subscription, year after year, or pay for support or anything else.

There are also no per staff member or per user charges involved.  If you buy a license for Proactive Customer Support 2018 instead of a subscription for a more expensive customer support program your company accountants will love you.

*Perpetual means forever.  You are not charged any annual maintenance fees.  Version upgrades when available are optional - sometimes free.  
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